If you've been considering purchasing a new wheelchair, whether you've tried one before or are in the process of making such an investment, you'll likely have heard about the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk by now. If you were to make a quick search for this particular wheelchair, it would almost guarantee that you wouldn't find it anywhere near your home. That's because this particular wheelchair was actually custom made to meet the unique requirements of those who suffer from certain mobility disabilities. So if you were to purchase one of these chairs, what could be so special?

The answer to the question posed in the title is quite simple: the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk is not your run of the mill, regular, off-the-shelf wheelchair. When you purchase one of these, you'll discover that it was specifically constructed with both off-road and construction grade terrain in mind. As you'll also discover when you read through the detailed specifications that accompanied the design of this particular mobility aid, those with less than ideal mobility will have no trouble getting around. So if you answered yes to both of those second questions, you'll truly enjoy reviewing the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk, as it will most certainly satisfy your needs.

So, what are the specifics of the design? The design features include a front bumper suspension system, which are composed of air pads for a soft and comfortable ride, and an aluminum shock absorber center section. Then, the back of the chair includes a rear bumper suspension setup, which offers both a comfortable ride and added support when on the go. Along with all this support, the Tomahawk's seat has been designed to maximize safety and comfort, as well, thanks to its dual wheel design. Naturally, this means that the wheelchair can be used for both self-moving and traveling purposes, and thanks to its custom, fully-adjustable, adjustable seat widths, it can even be adapted to better suit your particular requirements. You can even opt to customize your Rocket wheelchair with seat covers, to make your wheelchair even more comfortable and customized. Find out more about these products on this site.

If you're interested in seeing what all of this entails, then you may want to visit a store or two where the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk is currently on display. Or, simply take a look online for a gallery of photos of some of the most unique and advanced track chairs currently available. (You might also check out the company website for a wealth of information about the product and assistance for purchasing.) Whether you have a tracked wheelchair, or you're looking for a new wheelchair to help you enjoy the many outdoor activities that you're able to participate in without injury, the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk could be just what you need to get where you want to go.
The incredible comfort offered by a tracked wheelchair allows you to travel with all-terrain vehicles, as well as many other types of vehicles, comfortably. Its lightweight design makes it easier for you to push yourself than many all-terrain vehicles, and its ergonomically friendly seat gives you the best possible fit. Plus, the built-in hand controls are easy to use, comfortable, and highly configurable. The wheelchair easily navigates around any terrain, and it's even equipped with side-impact protection, to further decrease the chance of an accident. And best of all, because of its sturdy construction, the Rocket Tomahawk is one of the most reliable mobility equipment pieces on the market.
The bottom line is that the Rocket Mobility Tomahawk is designed with the needs of all-terrain wheelchair users in mind. It features customizable seat height and all-wheel drive, so it can easily navigate through most any terrain imaginable, and thanks to its shock absorbing springs, you will find yourself quickly out of any tumble. Plus, because it is one of the most technologically advanced and comfortable track chairs on the market, it allows its many disabled and mobility impaired users to live an active, full life.

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